[short comedy-horror]

Running Time: 10 minutes
Directed By: Samual Dawes
Produced By: Yasmine Hausler, Samual Dawes
Cinematographer: Yannick Hausler
Edited By: Sam Hodge



The Pumpkin Monkey team are back; this time with a more contained, fun and colourful short, entitled, Play Nice!

After spending a considerable amount of time working on his previous short, Destroyer of Worlds, Sam decided he wanted his next project to have a much more lighthearted punch, with a shorter script, but with focus on really honing in the quality of production.

Having built a fantastic network of industry talent from previous projects, it was easy to assemble the crew for Play Nice. The shoot took place over 3 days, with a budget of just £500, which includes; bucket loads of pizza and numerous bidding wars on eBay for second hand dolls!

Ash Holden (Mel), was a beautifully fortunate find, as she joined the project off the back of a late night conversation in the office, where she actually works alongside Sam and Yasmine as a Line-Producer, at Industrial Light and Magic. After a short audition, there really was no-one else for the role!

Play Nice was designed for nothing more than to be an easy going, lighthearted watch, that brings its fair share of nostalgia, and hopefully a few little laughs along the way.

Warning: contains foul language and you may never be able to look at your children’s toys the same way again.





Mel makes the most of her free house by getting down to some serious gaming, but is interrupted by her children’s toys when they decide they aren’t getting enough attention, however she quickly realises they’re not quite so fun to play with...


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