[short sci-fi drama]


Running Time: 44 minutes
Directed By: Samual Dawes
Produced By: Sophie Dawes, Samual Dawes
Cinematographer: Yannick Hausler

Edited By: Nick Dacey



Destroyer of Worlds is an independent short sci-fi epic, that explores the strained relationship between a teenager in need of some affection, and his driven Father who has one soul goal, to be the first one to discover time travel.


The film was a passion project that took off in 2014, after a short crowd funding campaign. The entire production, consisting of 14 shoot days, at a range of locations; Eltham College, Haven Street Steam Railway (Isle of Wight), Norfolk Dunes, was shot on a budget of just £5000. This was largely thanks to a huge amount of generosity from the locations who for the most part gifted permission to shoot for free. Post-production was completed on another £3k, taking the budget to a super low total of £8000.


Destroyer of Worlds took First Prize awards at the Philip K Dick Science Fiction Film Festival (New York), Miami Science Fiction Film Festival (Florida) and the inaugural Industrial Light and Magic London internal summer film festival. It also received Official Selection at Berlin Short Film Festival, and is currently being promoted by CG Bros on Youtube with approximately 500k views.





Arty, a precocious teenager must reluctantly leave his life in 1954 behind when his father makes the most devastating
discovery to date: Leap Theory.

Destroyer of Worlds is a short sci-f drama exploring a strained relationship between a father and son, whilst they also discover the consequences of when time travel is used as a weapon. Taking it’s name from the famous phrase coined by Robert J Oppenheimer, quoting the Bhagavad Gita, the film also pays tribute to a number of popular references, including the cult video game, Time Splitters 2, and the 1994 flm, Stargate.


For more information on the film, download the EPK here:

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